Ploughman’s Saddlery & Belts

Individually handmade in Albany, New York of “English” – style bridle or harness leather and equine tack hardware in solid brass, stainless steel, nickel, nickel-plate, or chrome from American companies, including Weaver, and Wickett & Craig.

Our high quality bracelets are made from the finest leather. A huge favorite that many riders want!

Carriage-Driving & Harness Equestrian Belts. Ploughman’s hand-crafts equestrian-style belts using authentic horse carriage driving harness tack fittings and hardware.

Horse Bridle & Halter Equestrian Belts. Ploughman’s hand-crafts equestrian-style belts using authentic bits and horse bridle, halter and saddlery fittings and hardware.

Rosette Series

Horse Rosette Equestrian Belts. Ploughman’s hand-crafts equestrian-style belts using authentic rosettes used on western-style horse bridles and halters and carriage-driving bridles.

Spur Straps

We offer 14 styles of spur straps including our Patent-pending EZ Spur Strap design mage with industrial strength velcro™  for easy on and off use. NOW AVAILABLE!

Western Series

We offer “western” style belts in seven styles and Native American hitched fabric motifs in six patterns. Now Available!

Fox Hunting

Hunt Appointments: replacement flasks and sandwich boxes, English leather sandwich, flask, and wire cutter cases, and English leather hunt saddle bags.

Dog Tack

Handcrafted dog collars, harnesses and more. Outfit your best companion in stylish leather tack. COMING SOON!

Unique Items

Unique products that define your style! fulfill a need you didn’t know you had! and are welcomed gifts!

NEW Items

Products that define your style.

In addition to creating unique leather items, we can also repair leather products. Saddles, bridles, and tack all can be expertly repaired.

Even our packaging shows our attention to detail and quality.

Our attention to detail and quality extends to the packaging we use. You’ll receive your Ploughman’s leather product in a beautiful bag, a unique look for your unique and custom made item! And all of our products are Made in the U.S.A